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French classic cars gradually on sale at Soft Auction

Delahaye, Talbot, Delage…what do they have in common?

French cars that have been competing in elegance since the last century.

Part of that collection will gradually be put up for sale at Soft Auctions.


Rochet-Schneider 26-Six 1930 on sale at Soft Auction

Spring 2022

A unique copy, representative of French know-how from the interwar period.

It’s the very last car produced by the brand, it has a superb history, it has been appraised by the expert Stéphane Bonoron. And remember that, with Soft Auctions, we can still do business before the final auction “battle”.

Come and see it!

Registrations are now open.

LAST VIDEO : Rochet-Schneider 26-SIX

Gear shifting in the cold of autumn for the Rochet-Schneider 26-Six

The car is in good shape and runs regularly, even in the cold of autumn and soon of winter.

Other videos are also available on the description page of the Rochet-Schneider.

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JWA Classic SUpporting medical research

1% of Soft Auctions donated to the Paris Brain Institute (ICM)

JWA Classic has decided to support the Paris Brain Institute (ICM) for its first Soft Auction campaign.

A percentage of the sales will be donated directly by JWA Classic to the ICM and will give the buyer the opportunity to do the same.

Zoom on soft auctions

JWA Classic soft auctions - Preview period illustration

Soft Auctions: a new alternative for buying or reselling classic cars

All vehicles on sales on this site will be sold at Soft Auctions as we believe that it is the best way to sell cars to other collectors at a fair price.
A long presentation period is scheduled for each car to give you time to take contact with the owner.

Different from traditional auctions, see how it works or contact us for further details.

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