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The Letter

At the very beginning, as I was waiting the car coming from Seattle by sea, I just had an email information from the owner and also pictures but no documents except for the little one-sheet-poster I talk about in the last post.
I was excited to know more and I asked for original documents. A couple of weeks after my request I received a lot of papers and also new pictures. The most interesting point was an original letter from Chapron dated 1967.
This letter written by Georges Dubois, Henri Chapron’s nephew and a managing of his uncle’s firm said : “This body was built in 1939. We received the chassis from TALBOT on 2 March 1939 and the car was delivered in May the same year… The transactions between Talbot and our own firm were relatively long, and when the war broke out, the idea of series production was abandoned.” So : the first owner was not a french furniture manufacturer but Talbot Factory.
The little one-sheet-poster was wrong on this point. We will see later that it’s not the only one.