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The Vedette model

It is difficult to say how many Delahaye 135 were bodied by Chapron with a Vedette body.
By searching the documentation available in the specialized press and on the internet, one can think that there were seven.
But the photos of all the Vedettes are perhaps not visible and in addition others were perhaps repainted.
On the other hand, it is possible to look for those which still exist today. In this way :
I found three and one that is still to be confirmed. There is one in the Mullin museum, there is a blue one (here), a green one (here) and a brown one (here) for the fourth one which remains to be confirmed.
In conclusion, I would say that there are, in total, between four and seven.

Below you can appreciate the difference between the artist’s drawing and the photo of the Vedette 800486.

The picture of the drawing of the Vedette model is taken from Jean-Paul Tissot’s book “Delhaye la belle carrosserie française” below.
On the cover you can see the actress Michèle Morgan in a Vedette Chapron.

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