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Missing !

During the 80’s, the car was stored in a barn in the countryside, far from Paris. The barn was not especially protected against theft.
The thieves were certainly aware that an exceptional car was in this barn, unattended.
And so, what had to happen: one night in 1989 the car was stolen.
And she was recovered 11 years later in 2000.
It’s a long and dark story that the car has known during all these years. I will have to tell it one day.
Anyway, she had been completely stripped, repainted in black and resold. It was a professional job.
But these professionals had forgotten that Chapron marked many parts of the bodywork with the car number. This number (6593) allowed the car to be identified when someone was about to sell it. So the car could be returned to Hubert.
Thank you Mr. Chapron!

Below, two press articles that report the theft of the car. Note that the illustration is very approximate.

Below, some traces of the Chapron number found on the car

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