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Early 2010: Let’s take a look at the history of the car

After receiving the vehicle documentation (and the vehicle), here is where we are:
In 1939, Talbot approached the famous coachbuilder Chapron to consider a collaboration. A bare chassis is thus entrusted by Talbot to Chapron who will build a 4-seater cabriolet body. The convertible is delivered in May.
The discussions between Talbot and Chapron last then a little too long, the car is finally sold to a rich French industrialist… but the war arrives.
Then the cabriolet would have been requisitioned, painted black and found at the liberation where a colonel of the US Army bought it and imported it to the USA.
This is where we were at the beginning of 2010. But we also knew the name of the colonel who had imported the car: Harold P. Christensen as well as the list of subsequent owners in the USA.
Moreover, thanks to Chapron’s letter, we also knew the first owner: the Talbot factories in Suresnes, near Paris.

It was not as easy as we had hoped.