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Photos from the Talbot Club

In a letter dated 22 February 2010, the Talbot Club sent us two copies of photographs that showed our “Baby” in an attractive two-colour livery that suited it much better than its current dull matt black.

One of the photographs had the date (1953) and “Concours d’Elegance de Biarritz” written on the
back; the other one had been taken in front of massive but unidentified gates and was not dated.
We were ready to rush off to Biarritz to scour through the archives. Unfortunately, we discovered upon contacting the relevant office that the town had kept very little in the way of archives.

In a few words : we discovered on this occasion that the car was still in France in the early 50’s and that she was not black!
And that moreover, she was in good enough condition to participate in a “Concours d’élégance”.
The story told by the small one-page poster here under was not really credible.