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Soft Auctions – News #01

Fourteen days ago we launched a new way to sell our cars called Soft Auctions. Six cars over the next six months.
The first car is John Cadbury’s Aston Martin 1.5L International KO-84 that will be officially on display on May 7: here.

During the last two weeks, we received quite a few questions about Soft Auctions which led us to adjust our site’s content. We hope that it is a little more explicit now: JWA Soft Auctions.

Soft Auctions were designed to give time to get informed, to get to know each other and to make balanced deals.

Try them, there is no risk: you will have answers to all your questions and if you decide to make an offer, the only risk you will take is that we say “YES!”.

See you soon,

Anne-Cécile Rouvière

Aston Martin International soon for sale - face - JWA Classic Collection


Rochet Schneider 26-Six soon for sale - JWA Classic collection

1930 – ROCHET SCHNEIDER 26-SIX DE LUXE – Coachwork by Billeter & Cartier

1948 – DELAHAYE 135M – Cabriolet by Chapron

1947 – DELAHAYE 135MS – Coupé by Chapron

1951 – DELAHAYE 235M – Cabriolet by Chapron

1951 – DELAHAYE 135MS – Coach by Figoni

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