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Six owners of our “Baby” identified in one stroke.

The answer which arrived unannounced on the morning of 23 February 2011 from the Gironde Archives was more than we had hoped for. Here is an extract:

Please find below the information pertaining to the registration of the Talbot Lago, as found in our registers under  reference AD 33 20 W 27. The vehicle was registered under
number 1524 GC 4, make: Talbot, type: T 23, chassis number 93267, engine number: 23512, fuel type: gas, engine rating: 23 HP, body: passenger car, previous registration: Paris on 9/5/1940 under number 4884 RM 5, date of first registration: 1939.

Names of the owners :
1st declaration on 15/4/1948 by Charles Huc, owner of the garage d’Audège, 189 rue Fondaudège in
2nd declaration on 12/5/1948 by Charles Castex, shopkeeper, 26 rue St François in Bordeaux.
3rd declaration on 26/1/1950 by Charles Bayle, furniture dealer, 1 rue Mouneyra in Bordeaux.
4th declaration on 4/12/1954 by Richard Cross, soldier, Peujard.
5th declaration on 7/9/1955 by Robert Cornish, soldier stationed at the US base in Mérignac.
6th declaration on 23/7/1956 by Harold Christensen, soldier stationed at the US base in Bordeaux
Regarding the requisition of the vehicle, it is unlikely to have occurred in Gironde, since the first registration in this department is dated April 1948, i.e. after the war. I would suggest contacting the Paris archives […].

Now we had to answer the question: who was Charles Huc the previous owner of the “Baby“?

This picture was taken for Charles Huc’s garage

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