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XXI – Chenard & Walcker, the expert’s report (5/8)

On the FFVE certificate, drawn up under the auspices of our consultant-dealer, the car was supposed to be registered under the serial number 950. But the number 950, which we had searched for without success, was not found by the expert either.

The chassis number is most likely the number “337” which appears on an oval plate attached to a cross member of the chassis.”

Why did our consultant choose this number to have the FFVE certificate issued? A mystery!
There was no logical reason to choose this number. Indeed, we will discover later that a Chenard & Walcker type G with number 340 was registered (in Bordeaux) on 17 February 1904. In view of the production rates of the time, the n°950, if it ever existed, could not have been issued in 1904.
Finally, the cherry on the cake, we will also discover later that the car, which we now know had already been registered, had been registered under the serial number 337.
I will give you the details of these interesting discoveries in my next posts.

Trusting blindly sometimes leads to amazing adventures. And it’s not over yet.

(To be continued …)


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