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XXI – Chenard & Walcker, the expert’s report (6/8)

One of the car’s previous owners is discovered :

The vehicle presented is the one that was sold on October 4,1998 at the “Laporte” sale (lot_n°13) and that has undergone modifications in appearance

That was the end of the hypothesis that the car had been kept since the early 1950s by the last owner. The Chenard & Walcker had simply been part of the Laporte collection which was dispersed in an auction in 1998.

It was not listed as a “Type G” at all, nor dated 1904 but 1907.

And if it could be presented by our dealer as being from 1904, it is because it was artificially aged, as the rest of the expert’s report will show.

(To be continued …)


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