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XXI – Chenard & Walcker, the expert’s report (8/8)


The questions that had been asked to the expert were as follows:

The answers were:

  • no, the car could not have been built in 1904 but in 1905
  • no, the car is not a “G” type
  • no, the chassis number cannot be “950” but more likely “337
  • yes, it is possible to trace its history. The car was part of the “Laporte” collection. It was sold at an auction on October 4, 1998.
  • The expert also answered the question of the value of the car but this is a subject I cannot discuss at the time of writing.

These questions and answers were aimed directly at the dealer and the previous owner and the comments made jointly by these two people.

The dealer did not deserve this title as he had purchased the car from the previous owner after selling it to JWA Classic. He had paid the owner with the money he had received as a dealer. This is normally reprehensible under French law. We will learn later that he had only paid 75% of the money received to the previous owner, that he had reserved 12.5% for a friend who had informed him of the existence of the vehicle and had kept 12.5% for himself.

Moreover, if the expert taught us a lot about the vehicle, on our side, we had not wasted our time and had made a number of discoveries which I will talk about in a future post.

(To be continued …)