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XXII – Our own discoveries: 1-The previous owners.

The expert’s report provided us with factual elements that were essential to establishing the truth.
But on our side, we had conducted our own research. And what we discovered is worth telling. This will be the objective of the next posts.
First step: we tried to find the person who had bought the Chenard & Walcker at the 1998 auction.
It was Mr. D. who told us that he had sold the car to a certain Mr. C., just a few months after having bought it.
After some additional research we discovered that our dealer had bought it from the same Mr C. . Mr. C. is a collector in his fifties. This did not correspond at all to the description that our dealer had given us: “an old man who had owned the car for more than 50 years and who wanted to part with it because he no longer had to turn the crank to start it.
One more lie to the credit of our dealer.
But we’ll see there’s more to it than that.
The registration I mentioned in a previous post would tell us many more amazing things.

In the meantime, we could establish the list of owners as follows:
1998 – 1998: Mr D.
1998 – 2010 : Mr C.
2010 – … : JWA Classic

(To be continued …)