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Answers to questions received about the Aston-Martin “Cadbury”

We are faced with a number of questions regarding our Aston-Martin International KO84.
Here we answer the most frequent ones:

  • Yes, John Cadbury was the first owner of the car.
  • No, the original colour is not purple.
  • Yes, we know the original colour of the car. Mr. Cadbury states in the letter below that it was painted maroon with black wings.
  • Yes, the car can easily be repainted in the colour of your choice and yes, we can do it.
  • Yes, we have the parts to rebuild the 1.5L engine but we do not know if it is the original engine. There is apparently no evidence that it is not the original engine either.
  • Yes, we have had estimates made for rebuilding the engine. It will cost between €40,000 and €50,000.
  • Yes, the car runs very well but the engine needs to be upgraded. Our mechanic’s estimate: €10,000.

    If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate.