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Cotal gearbox: the siren song

The COTAL gearbox of the Delahaye 135 M Cabriolet Grand Luxe has been restored about ten years ago. It has always produced a high-pitched sound on the first and second gears.
It’s a noise that we find strange at the time but that we forget quite easily over the kilometers. Especially since the gears shift correctly without any indication of malfunction. The gearbox “sings” but you get used to it.

Personally, this is what happened to me: I got used to it. And I didn’t pay attention to it anymore. However, when the car was put up for sale at Soft Auctions, other unaccustomed ears became aware of this lively sound that accompanies the starts of our Delahaye.

So I took advice from Patrick Delage. The verdict was without appeal:
– If you put the car up for sale, you have to remove all doubts
– That’s true. If I had to keep the car, I would wait for it to give up or I would open it myself. But I don’t want to take the risk. Do you know someone who could help me?
– Yes, I do. Drop it off, pass it to me and I’ll have my people take care of it
– We have to be quick, there are some nice people who will come from far away to see the Delahaye and they will want to try it, can you?
– Yes, I can!

And that’s why this morning, three days after this brief meeting, the COTAL gearbox left in its box. In 36 hours at the latest, it will be at Patrick’s (Auto Classique Touraine) and, from then on, we will feverishly wait for the diagnosis, while being perfectly reassured: the Delahaye will have a gearbox like new.

A big thank you to Patrick Delage and Auto Classique Touraine. To tell the truth, it’s not the first time that Patrick, never stingy with advice or information, gets me out of trouble. Thank you Patrick.

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