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Soft Auction :New Sales Schedule

By construction, with Soft Auctions, we take our time. Taking our time is useful for gathering information and also for getting to know each other.

At JWA, this is what we prefer: to get to know each other and to have people come to see us and discuss about cars.

But the geographical distance and the health crisis don’t make things easy.

So we do our best to answer questions. When necessary, we attach documentation, photos and even videos on request.

And then there are the posts on our website to tell you about our cars, their history, their restoration etc.

To spice things up, we have made it a point to present every car with an expert’s report. We know our cars well, all of them have been in the collection for more than 10 years and we can answer almost all your questions about them, but the expert’s report is the external and independent point of view, and it is, for us, the cherry on top of the cake.

I might as well admit it right away, we did not do a good job of organizing the expert reports. No need to go into details because now everything is fixed: we have found our independent expert and the reports will be written.

But here’s the thing: not before September ….

So, as we had to make a decision, we decided to group the sale of the 6 cars not on the last 6 months of the year but on the last three months.

I will come back to you very soon to explain the new schedule.

And after all, soft auctions are meant to take their time! And you will have even more time to come and see us!

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