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Car Stories – CGV – Charron-Girardot-Voigt

The Charron, Girardot & Voigt automobile company was founded on 25 February 1902. Its head office and factory were located in Puteaux at 7 rue Ampère.
A superb showroom and sales outlet was also located at 45 avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris, a district renowned for its major automobile brands.

If the brand is new, the three names that sign its corporate name are eminently known and very famous in the automotive world. Charron, Girardot and Voigt are indeed “factory drivers” of Panhard & Levassor and have been associated since 1897 in the “Agence Générale des Automobiles”, a very large Parisian garage of automobile trade but above all a very innovative conception of automobile trade which allowed the customer to be served much faster than the manufacturer. The Agence Générale des Automobiles saturated the orders of the main brands, which filled their order books but could no longer serve the potential customer within a short time.

This trial run was a master stroke. The three partners, all of whom were excellent strategists and technicians, had only one step left to take: the creation of their own automobile brand. The choice to put their names forward was very clever and the production of Charron, Girardot & Voigt was immediately felt: CGV sold in 1904 a total of 216 cars for a turnover of 4 million francs and the success helping, the year 1905 ended with 265 cars for a total of 5.5 million francs.

In 1901, as a preview of the December show, CGV exhibited its 15 HP “light chassis” prototype with automatic intake valves, even though the company had not been officially established. The quality of manufacture was particularly noticed by the journalists and visitors of this first show for the brand.
But it is in 1902 that the brand will know its real start. Charron, Girardot & Voigt presented the models for 1903, which constituted a real range: the 15 HP, the 20 HP and the 25 HP, which came with the most diverse and prominent bodywork.

This very successful arrival on the French car market was to lead the brand to a well-deserved recognition as the document – taken from a CGV brochure – below underlines:

For three consecutive years, the “Grande Médaille d’Or”, the highest award of the “Automobile Club de France”, has been awarded to the brand “Charron – Girardot – Voigt”

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