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CGV – Charron-Girardot-Voigt – The 20 HP chassis

At the December 1903 show in Paris, at CGV, the cost of the 20 HP chassis was 20,000 francs while that of the 25 HP chassis was 22,000 francs, a difference of 10%. The chassis was delivered as standard with the engine in the front. The “advanced driving”, the ultimate in formal cars, with its engine under the driver’s seat, required a significant additional cost.

We don’t have exact production figures for 1903, but they were 216 in 1904 and 265 the following year. For 1903, we can assume that production was around 160 to 180 examples.

Technical data :
4 cylinders, 4 groups, 2 camshafts, side valves.
Bore x stroke: 110 x 130 mm Displacement: 4959 cc
Ignition by Bosch magneto type DR4
Fueling by vertical carburetor Solex 35
Gearbox : 4 speeds and MA
Transmission by chains
Wheels with wooden stripes 880 x 120
Wheelbase : 2,48 m

The 20 HP model, produced from 1902 onwards, has undergone several evolutions over the years. Newspaper articles and photos of the period are useful evidence of these evolutions. These were also marked by patent applications and by requests for approval addressed to the Mining Department. On this last point, it should be noted that the official documentation is incomplete, but a copy of the homologation of the Type FI (below) still exists in the national archives.
We will talk about the 1031 chassis in our next posts

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