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Soft Auctions: the value of making an offer…

Soft Auctions are private auctions with a first important detail: a long period of time for reflection and information.
During the presentation period of the car, the seller can accept an offer, in which case the car is not put up for auction.
Finally, the Soft Auction sale does not include a reserve price.
However, in order to simplify private auctions (if they are to take place) the opening bid is set at the level of the best offer.

But what is the point of making an offer during the presentation period?
There are two:

The first is that the offer may be accepted. In that case, the deal is done and there is no auction.

Now suppose that no bid has been accepted. The car is then presented to the private auction session. In this case, if the winner of the auction is also the author of the best bid, he will receive a 5% discount on hammer price.
We want the process to be as transparent as possible so this is the reason why each offer received is published anonymously on our website.
You can check here last offers received for the 1931 Aston Martin 1.5L International and for the 1930 Rochet-Schneider 26-Six.

I will come back in a future post with a concrete example, to show the interest of making an offer.

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