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XXIII – Our own discoveries :The license plate (1/2)

We discovered a photo on which the Chenard & Walcker was wearing a license plate with the number 1605 RE 33. We immediately informed our dealer who advised us not to pay any attention to this document: according to him, it was a fake plate temporarily installed to take part in an event(*).
He added that it was a common practice.
Even though we are new to the world of vintage cars, we found this strange and continued our research.
And here is what we found. The registration number 1605 RE 33 corresponded to the following vehicle:
The brand: Chenard & Walcker
The chassis number: 337
The year of the 1605 RE 33 registration: 2003
The year of the previous registration: 1904
The number of the previous registration: 568 UU
The owner: the association named “V.”
The color: white
This information left us perplexed. The brand corresponded well to our vehicle and the chassis number too (see our previous post). On the other hand, the owner was not Mr C. but an association: the association “V”. As for the registration number and the date of first registration, how to check their sincerity?
We had to continue our research.
And what we found was beyond what we could have imagined. (To be continued…)

(*) thesis confirmed in an official letter from the dealer’s lawyer as illustrated below .

Translation (Letter of 16 May 2011 from the dealer’s lawyer):
Thus, if this vehicle had a number plate at the time of sale to the company XXX, this seems to be only because the previous owner was apparently using other papers of another car with another number plate to drive this car.

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