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CGV – History of the 1031 chassis

Its current owner has established its history:

The great originality of chassis 1031 is that it was ordered by its first owner with “the engine under the seat” and, in addition, a lengthened wheelbase. These two options were the only ones proposed in the 1904 CGV catalog.
The purchase price was affected by this and one can infer that the price of this special 20 HP chassis was equivalent to that of a standard 25 HP.

The CGV vehicle n° 1031 was built, and numbered in June 1904, in the C.G.V workshops, for Charron, Girardot & Voigt, located at 7 rue Ampère in Puteaux 75 (Seine).
The bodywork was a 3/4 Mülhbacher coupe in forward drive.
This powerful car, whose mark had known to preserve a reputation of excellence, returned its services until the eve of the war of 14-18.

Out of fashion, but with its powerful four-cylinder engine, the vehicle was transformed into a utility vehicle of the flatbed type, used for transporting goods.

It is in this form that it is bought in a lot, by Michel M., metal salvager, already collector in Créteil. He was interested in everything, but more in the US Fords that invaded the post-war roads, he became a caravan dealer, under the Samco name.

Michel M. is forced to empty a vast shed from which he is expelled by the intensive urbanization of Créteil. He sells the CGV in a lot of ancestors (Gazelle 1914, Le Zèbre 1919, Renault AX 1912, etc.) to Albert M. a collector.
The cars were transported to his garage near Chartres where the chassis of the CGV was restored by Mr. L., at the time a body builder for Sonauto among others. The chassis, the engine, the wheels with a set of tires and a lot of period parts are thus restored. Albert M. buys from Ecuries Couture, who rent carriages for the cinema, a 1901 carriage body, a coupe ¾ completely in conformity with the Mülhbacher bodywork.

When Albert M. passed away, his son Gérard inherits the CGV 1031 still in a tray-riddle and the bodywork of the Coupe ¾.

On behalf of Mrs. Carole R., Martin G. buys the set from Gérard M., and finally mounts the body on the chassis, starts the restoration and defines the color. Wagon Green.

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