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XXIV Our own findings : The license plate (2/2)

At this point in our research, we had two points to check:
On what date had the car changed ownership from Mr. C. to the association V.?
Was it possible to find out which car had the number 568 UU in 1904?

Reagrding the association V., we were quickly enlightened: the president of the association V. was none other than Mr C., or rather his father. On the other hand, we never understood how the registration document could have been established in the name of the association V. when there had never been any declared transmission from Mr. C. to the association V.

The first point was therefore resolved the owner was the same, Mr. C. since 1999 until 2010.

For the second point (which car had the number 568 UU in 1904), the task was more difficult but the problem was solved thanks to the phenomenal visual memory of our expert, Mario Montanaro. He simply remembered having seen this number in a book he had just leafed through. The book is called “Chenard & Walcker – FAR l’empire perdu de Gennevilliers”.

On page 20 of this book there is a photo of a Chenard & Walcker with the number 568 UU but this car has nothing to do with the car we are concerned with.

The conclusion was clear: this registration number was obtained with false information.
The registration card was a fake.
Together with the one issued by the trader, this made two false registration cards;
Two false registrations for a converted car.

These two answers call for a new question: “Why did Mr. C. have this false document issued? “
We’ll talk about it in the next post.
(To be continued…)

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