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XXV – Why did Mr. C. make a forgery?

Obviously, just to make the car look like a 1904 car. That is to say for a “Brighton car”.
But why did he do this in 2003, i.e. 5 years after its purchase? Here is my hypothesis: Because he had discovered – between 1999, when he bought the car, and 2003 – that in the “official” list of the brand’s archives there was only the “G” type that had the car’s engine characteristics.
As the expert report will show, this list is not exhaustive. Other types are not mentioned.
As a result, Mr. C. certainly thought that this would be enough to make the vehicle look like a 1904 “G” type.

And that’s how in 2010 he found himself with a felony for use of forgery, which is not prescriptible under French law.
This is probably why Mr. C. never wanted to hand over the car registration document.

There are also indications that Mr. C. tried to pass off the Chenard & Walcker as a 1904 vehicle at the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. The car had then its first false registration with the serial number 337. But we have no confirmation.

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