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The last Delahaye 135MS bodied by Figoni?

Is chassis 801736 the last Delahaye 135MS chassis bodied by Figoni?
We don’t know for sure but the hypothesis is far from being improbable as its line announces the future 235 whose grille it already adopts.

Produced to only one copy, it can be considered as the prototype of the future 235 and presents moreover several technological innovations uncommon for the time which allow to confirm this appellation.

In the meantime, it should be noted that this very original coach had three first owners whose identity reveals the turbulent period that Joseph Figoni’s activity was going through at that time.

Let’s judge for ourselves:
The car was registered for the first time in Paris on 6 April 1951 with the number 5086 Y 75. The owner, as designated in the registers of the time, was: “Figoni & Falaschi”.

On July 4 of the same year, the Delahaye kept its number but passed into the hands – again according to the registers of the time – of “Joseph Figoni – Carrossier”.

Finally, on November 16, she passed into the hands of “Figoni & Cie”, which remained the owner until 22 May 1953 with the same number.

Below, two period photos kindly provided by Henri Tissot, President of the Delhaye Club.

(To be continued…)

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