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1951-Delahaye 135 MS Coach by Figoni – The Story

The official records have allowed us to identify the first three owners of the car. These indicate that the Delahaye was sold on 23/05/1953 to Anne-Marguerite BRUN, living in Auxerre. The registration number became 527 AE 89.

Unfortunately, no information is given on the date of transfer.

The Delahaye was only found again in 1982 when a Belgian collector sold it to a Dutch collector who kept it for 16 years. The car had changed colour, she was now black.

After having passed through several hands over a period of ten years, the Delahaye entered the collection of JWA Classic in 2010.

To date, we do not know how long the car was owned by Anne-Marguerite Brun or how long the Belgian collector had owned it in 1982.

None of our searches have been successful so far. But we are not giving up hope.

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