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A prolific summer

The summer has been a good time for contacts, visits and also the beginning of talks.

One point is worth noting: the cars for which we have been questioned the most are out of step with the ranking established on the number of visits to our site, published last Friday.

Thus, the Aston-Martin and the Delahaye 235 come first, followed by the Rochet-Schneider and the Cabriolet Grand Luxe Delahaye, and finally the Coupé Chapron and the Coach Figoni, both on Delahaye 135MS chassis.

We will come back in more detail in the next posts to give you an update on each vehicle.

In any case, all the contacts we had gave rise to very pleasant exchanges, mostly with very knowledgeable and passionate collectors.

We also noted a certain reluctance to formalize an offer in view of the time lag with the start of the auction. It’s a bit like those bicycle races where nobody wants to go first.

We understand this attitude and it may lead us to change our approach but there is no urgency.

Last but not least : we will explain, in a specific post, how Soft Auctions will help medical research as we announced in our post last Monday.

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