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Let’s take stock: the Aston Martin 1.5 International

With 20 days to go before the presentation period ends, where do we stand with the contacts?

There have been a lot of questions about this pretty little English car.

And the phenomenon is accelerating at the moment.

We haven’t had a formal offer since the ones we published (all details here). But the discussions we have had allow us to say that the selling price will be significantly higher than the best offer published so far.

The expert’s report will be available in a week. We already know that it will allow some to clarify their position.

And let’s not forget: the car can be sold by mutual agreement by the end of the presentation period.

Reminder : registration to the private online auction ends on Sept. 25th.
Contact directly Anne-Cécile (ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com) to register.

We still have a few visitors to welcome, so don’t hesitate to come and see us, we will welcome you with pleasure.

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