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“Let’s take stock: Rochet-Schneider 26-Six

The Rochet-Schneider 26-Six Limousine is certainly the rarest car in the Collection. We know of only one other example of 26-Six and it is believed that #26539 is the only Limousine ever built.

It is also and above all the last model of the Rochet-Schneider brand which was, before 1914, one of the 10 biggest brands in the world.

As soon as the ad was put online in Soft Auction, collectors came forward. And very soon, we received an official offer. This one corresponds to the estimate when it was in its original condition ten years ago.

Further discussions are underway. The car is in working order. It runs regularly. The expert’s report will be available in about ten days.

Come and see it, come and try it, it is a real museum piece… that runs!

Rochet Schneider 26-six - Soon for sale - JWA Classic - - 1950-1960

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