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Last days to register

Only a few days left to register for the Aston Martin Soft Auction or to submit an offer (for those who don’t want to wait for the auction).

As a reminder, Soft Auctions are private sales, you must be registered in advance to participate.

Aston Martin International 1.5L Soft Auction:
registrations are open until September 28th at 9pm (UTC+2).

How do I sign up?

We already know each other or are you recommended by a mutual acquaintance?
Give us a call or send us an email, we’ll proceed to the registration with you.

We don’t know each other yet?
No problem, we are always happy to meet new car enthusiasts.
Please fill in the registration form below, we’ll call you back to get to know each other and to confirm your registration.

It seems obvious to us, but we might as well make it clear: your personal data will only be used for JWA Classic Soft Auctions.

If you have any questions: contact Anne-Cécile (ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com)

What happens next?

Once registration is closed and the last offers are received, on the evening of 28 September, two scenarios are possible:

  • A purchase offer will have been accepted by the owner.
    In this case, the auction will be cancelled and the car sold at the price of the offer.
    JWA Classic will pay a percentage of the price to the Paris Brain Institute.
  • No bid was accepted.
    In this case, the highest bid received will be used as the opening price for the online auction which will take place from 30 September to 2 October.
    As a reminder, there is no reserve price. There are no costs for the buyer, except for a small percentage that will be paid to the ICM (this mechanism will be described in more details in our next article).

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