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Rochet-Schneider 26-Six – The expert’s report

Stéphane Bonoron, has sent us his expertise report.

His general appreciation of the car:

Very well restored and absolutely complete with all its original accessories, this car is in a very satisfactory condition both mechanically and in terms of bodywork and bodywork and upholstery.

This Rochet-Schneider is the reflection of the excellence and the know-how of this manufacturer
shortly before the 1929 crisis.

It was elected “Best of Show” at the Concours d’Elegance, “Prix Spécial du Jury” et “Volant d’or”
at the 2011 Paris Deauville Rally.

If you want the complete expertise report, ask a copy to Anne-Cécile (ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com).

Reminder: the car is on sale at Soft Auction.
Closing date to register and/or make an offer: October 21st, 21h
Register here

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