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The Aston-Martin international is sold

The Soft Auction for the Aston Martin International 1.5L is now over. The verdict fell on Saturday, October 2nd at 21:00 (Paris time).

The price? €65,000 + 1% allocated to medical research (*).

We are very happy to know that our little English car will continue its history in the hands of a caring and passionate collector.

This first experience is rich in lessons and we will retain for the most part, the lack of time that some collectors were faced with to take all the information on the car during the preview period.

The distance is partly the cause but mainly it is the late discovery of the information on the sale.

This first observation will lead us to establish a new calendar for the next “Soft Auctions”.

We will inform you soon.

(*) Soft Auctions organised by JWA Classic do not involve any fees for the buyer.
However, a partnership has been concluded with the ICM (The Paris Brain Institute) which provides for a 1% endowment to be paid by the buyer, completed by the same amount by JWA Classic. So in total 2% for medical research.

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