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A longer presentation period

We are back after a few days dealing with technical issues on the website. Hopefully, everything is back to normal and running smoothly now.

The first Soft Auction just ended (see details of the Aston Martin International sale here in a previous article) and it is time for us to give a little thinking on what we could have done better.

One topic stands out of the testimonials we received : the lack of time to study the matter.

And indeed, the one thing that is important to us is to let time to the future buyer to gather all the information about the vehicle and to take time to get to know each other. It is so much easier to do business when you know each other.

So, first decision : we are therefore moving the scheduled auction date for the 1930 Rochet-Schneider 26-Six to March 2021.

This will allow us to honour visits that would be more difficult to organise if the previous date was maintained. Do not hesitate to contact us to come and see us in Belmont-de-la-Loire. The Rochet-Schneider as well as the 4 other cars are visible there (and others too).

Rochet Schneider 26-six - Soon for sale - JWA Classic - side
Best of Show – Deauville 2011

After the Rochet-Schneider Soft Auction, the Delahaye brand will be in the spotlight with four cars to be sold at Soft Auction :

(1948) Delahaye 135 M Cabriolet Grand Luxe by Chapron

(1947) Delahaye 135 MS Coupé Grand Luxe by Chapron

(1951) Delahaye 235 Cabriolet by Chapron

(1951) Delahaye 135MS Coach by Figoni

The Soft Auctions organised by JWA Classic support medical research. 1% of each sale will be donated to the Paris Brain Institute (ICM). See details here.

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