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“Just the cars we love”: the Talbot T23 by Chapron

We first heard about this car in spring 2009. It was described to us as a Talbot-Lago T23 4-seater convertible bodied by Henri Chapron in 1939. One of the first pictures we received looked like this:

And it was indicated in a flyer that must have been used in an exhibition that its history was this:

The story was interesting, but it was common knowledge – at least I thought so – that Henri Chapron had never bodied a Talbot T23.

However, one detail intrigued me: the Chapron plate looked quite authentic and the car had a very nice line.

A fake Chapron but a nice story… why not investigate?

Our future discoveries on this attractive car showed us that I was wrong on two points: the car was indeed a completely authentic “Chapron” and the story had been – almost – totally invented…

The whole REAL story is told (in French and English) in the book “Welcome Home Baby” published for the exclusive benefit of the Paris Brain Institute.

We’ll send a copy of the book about the history of the Talbot T23 by Chapron in exchange of a donation of 50€ to the Paris Brain Institute.

Just send us an email, we’ll give you all the details.

111 pages of texts and photos …

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