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Rochet Schneider 25.000 for sale

One of our friends has just informed us that he too had a Rochet-Schneider for sale and that the concept of Soft Auction had attracted his attention.
He too would like to sell his car to a real collector and in full transparency.

It is a type 25000 from 1928. The car is in a very good original condition. It will need to be restarted because it has not been driven for a few years but the mechanics are in very good condition.

Moreover, its current owner is a very experienced mechanic who will not be stingy with advice to help you tame it.

The car has not yet arrived at our workshop. If you are interested, do not hesitate to call us, we will put you directly in contact with him. You can get all the information and make an offer before the auction.

Who knows? It is never too early to make a good deal.

Below you will find some first pictures of this Rochet Schneider 25000 from 1928.
More will follow.