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1905 – Chenard & Walcker for sale

This Chenard & Walcker is apparently one of the very last – if not THE last – Chenard & Walcker with a 4L engine of this era.

Chenard & Walcker 1904

Sold at the sale of the “Laporte” collection on October 4, 1998 in perfect condition and totally restored, it has been artificially aged and transformed by one of its later owners. It even took part in the London Brighton run under the name Chenard & Walcker Type G.

However, after examination, the experts of the Veteran Car Club (VCC) did not recognize a date of manufacture prior to January 1, 1905.

In 2010, the young manager of JWA Classic (then named YCA) and his shareholder were misled by an incompetent intermediary and acquired it in confidence for a “Brighton Car”.
After 10 years of proceedings, JWA Classic decided to put it up for sale in 2022.

Although dated 1905 (and not 1904), this Chenard & Walcker is still a very nice car that just needs to be put back on the road.

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