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“News d’Anciennes” drove the 235 Breitling

Last July, we had the honor to welcome the team of News d’Anciennes at our workshop in Belmont-de-la-Loire.

We were pleased to show them some of our cars, including the Delahaye 235, the third of the name, bodied by Henri Chapron in 1951 and which celebrated its 70th birthday this year.

Successively presented at the Paris Salon in November 1951 and at the Geneva Salon in the spring of 1952 where it met its first owner: Willy Breitling, it remained a Swiss citizen until the end of the 1970s. It was to return to the mother country a few years later, after a brief stay in Morocco.

At the age of 70, almost in her original state, she is still in good health and was able to be “driven” by our journalist friends.

There is nothing more to add to the excellent narrative of News d’Anciennes except that we encourage you to consult it without delay!

The Delahaye 235 will be sold at Soft Auction in 2022. All details on the car and on the Soft Auction are available here.

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