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1951 – Delahaye 235 Cabriolet Chapron

Mr M., the first French owner of the Delahaye 235 Cabriolet Chapron, kindly sent us some pictures of the time when he acquired the car. It was at the end of the 70s.

The Delahaye 235 had remained at least ten years on the parking lot of the garage of Drize, left there by the Breitling company, following – undoubtedly – a transaction in the 60s.

It was then bought by Mr Hofer who sold it later to Mr M. . This last one sold it afterwards to a dealer who probably sold it to Mr Joseph, who appears in the history.

In any case, what we know with certainty now is that the first and last Swiss owner was Mr Breitling. Thanks to Mr M.

The Delahaye 235 Cabriolet Chapron is part of 2022 Soft Auctions. Remember that Soft Auctions are private sales and that the only costs for the buyer consist in 1% of the final price that is donated to support medical research.

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