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We’re going to undress the “Vedette”

We already told you the story: last October, Mathieu, our regular sheet metal beater, discovered the unthinkable: the chassis that had been stripped and painted by a subcontractor was losing its final coating at the slightest drop of cleaner (and also of gasoline…)

Repainting a chassis is not a big deal. Especially since the stripping and protection work had been perfectly done. Only the top coat was a problem.

But here it is: almost all the mechanics were installed and the body restoration, except the doors, was finished.

From then on, the work is simple: everything is removed. We strip the chassis. We strip it and repaint it.

Yes, but first, we consolidate the whole body.

Ask for your booklet !
The Vedette model, the history of #800486 and its restoration was presented in an explanatory booklet at the Epoqu’auto show.
You can ask a free version, just by sending and email to: ac.rouviere@jwaclassic.com.

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