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We found the fifth Cabriolet Delahaye 135 “Vedette”!

The Delahaye 135 bodied by Chapron as a two-seater cabriolet “Vedette” are rare, as we know. By consulting the documentation of the time one can estimate that the production was limited to 7 specimens, perhaps 8 but probably not more.

However, according to some enthusiasts, this is the most stylish convertible of the master coachbuilder Henri Chapron, symbol of the great French classicism.

One of its examples was chosen to illustrate the famous book on the Delahaye brand by Jean-Paul TISSOT. We can see the French actress Michèle MORGAN on the Champs Elysées greeting the public on board one of them.

How many “Vedettes” have we identified so far? In an article last year, we talked about four:
The Green:

The Dark Blue:

The Grey and Blue:

The Light Blue (currently under restoration at JWA Classic):

We had a doubt about a fifth car in two nice shades of brown:

There is no doubt any more. It is indeed a work of Henri Chapron.
It should be noted that out of the five cars, four are in the USA (three in California and one in New Jersey) and in prestigious collections that honor the art of French bodywork.

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