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1939 – Talbot-Lago 1939 Cabriolet by Chapron

Ordered by Antony Lago to Henri Chapron probably at the end of 1938, the chassis of the Talbot-Lago T23 Baby by Chapron was handed over to the famous coachbuilder by the Talbot factories on 2 March 1939 (exactly 83 years ago today!).
The car was finished and delivered about 3 months later in May 1930 as explained in the letter of 23 November 1967 from Ets Chapron (See translation at the end of this post)

It remained the property of Talbot until 9 May 1940.

Registre des immatriculations

It was later found in Bordeaux in 1947 at the home of Charles Huc (mechanic and racing driver)

The Talbot T23 is the 7th car on the right
The same place but alone (photo Puytorac)

Then in Concours d’Elégance :

And finally in the USA around 1956, imported by Colonel Harold P. Christensen.

It is currently in France…

Talbot Lago T23 Baby by Chapron from JWA Classic cars collection

… where it is living happily (I hope):

(*) Translation of the Chapron’s letter:

It is very difficult for us to give you much information about this car.

The body was built for the Société des Automobiles Talbot and was sold to a customer whose name is not noted on our order book. Moreover, all the manufacturing records from before 1940 have been destroyed and we have no commercial documents left from that period.

This body was indeed manufactured in 1939. The chassis was delivered to us by the Talbot Company on March 2, 1939 and the car was completed and delivered in May of the same year.

Only one car was made as a prototype. The transactions between Talbot and us were rather long and the war led to the abandonment of the series construction.

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