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1930 – Rochet-Schneider 26-Six, a beautiful story (II)

The name of Maître Otto Mantoux appears in the official registers on January 26, 1934.

The Rochet-Schneider leaves France for Algeria and adopts a new plate: 4836 AL 12.

Registre des immatriculations

It should be noted that we lose track of the car between September 30, 1933 and January 26, 1934. Nothing indicates, a priori, that there could have been a link between the English doctor of Aix les Bains and the lawyer from Algeria. This period of a few months probably corresponds to the taking in charge of the vehicle by a professional dealer.

Maître Mantoux was a lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Algiers, city in which he practiced his profession of lawyer since the 1920s until the 1940s. He was also a member of the city’s Municipal Council and we can find traces of some of his interventions in the local newspapers of the time.

La Rochet-Schneider left Algeria in 1951 to arrive in Paris, as the official records indicate and obtains a new plate.

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