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Rochet-Schneider: is the flywheel involved?

On Friday afternoon, we took the road with the Rochet-Schneider 26-six to take some pictures and videos. David, our mechanic, was driving. It was hot but the car was running very well.

However, after about 40 km, we started to hear a suspicious noise.

We drove back to the garage at a slow pace to take a closer look. At first sight, neither the engine nor the gearbox are concerned.

We believe it is a problem with the flywheel. It is a piece that we had completely restored by a specialist and it is under warranty. But we may have to take the engine out to access the flywheel.

We want to sell the car in full transparency regarding its state, so we decided to put on hold the Soft Auction until we have identified the origin of that noise. The opening price will remain at its current level (€125,000) for a while. We will start to register new offers and to lower the opening price if necessary once we can provide more details.

However, visits are still on-going at our workshop if you want to come and see the car.

We really hope to have good news by next week!