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Video : Giulietta 1300 on the road

Giulietta 1300 on the road

Below is the last video of our Alfa Romeo 1300-SS Giulietta Bertone taking the road under the sun!

This Alfa Romeo 1300-SS Giulietta Bertone is on sale at Soft Auctions. She only had three owners since 1962, her mechanics have been entirely restored and her bodywork and interior are in excellent condition.

We welcome you in our workshop if you want to come and see the car by yourself.

Remember: you have to register (it is free) to participate to the Soft Auction.

About Alfa-Romeo and the Giulietta

Alfa-Romeo is certainly the Italian brand that best combines tradition, timeless style and prestige.

Born in the south of Italy more than a century ago, the brand moved to the North and really developed in the region of Milan next to many other industries.

Although it started to win races in the prewar period, Alfa-Romeo entered in history in the 1950s with drivers with unforgettable names such as Fangio and Farina.

These same 1950s saw the birth of the 1300 “Giulietta”, whose success soon spread throughout the world.