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The engine has arrived

Reminder: on June 10th, we had to interrupt an outing with the Rochet-Schneider 26-Six because of a noise in the engine compartment. Follow us in the workshop!

On June 10th, we were on an outing with the Rochet-Schneider 26-Six when we heard a suspicious noise in the engine compartment after about 40 kilometres.

Back at the workshop, after suspecting a problem with the flywheel, we looked into the matter and found that the Dampler pulley was loose and we quickly fixed it. But the noise persisted.

After taking the advice of two eminent mechanics, we decided to remove the engine.

It took two days of work to extract this exceptional piece weighing … 450 kg!

But it wasn’t over. The repair had to be done by someone who is highly qualified, so the engine had to travel: 600 km!

Fortunately, on June 30th, the engine reached its destination.


The first investigations will take place next week. 

We will keep you informed on a regular basis!