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Lyon – Epoqu’auto 2022

As we mentioned in our previous post, five cars from JWA Classic have been chosen to be exhibited at the Epoqu’auto show that was held early November in Lyon.
What an honour!
The cars left on the eve of the opening, well protected.

First of all, on the Rochet-Schneider stand: for the first time, the only two 26-Six known to date were together!

The Delahaye 135MS Vedette by Chapron was exhibited on the stand of Mathieu Bois who is in charge of the restoration of the bodywork.

The mechanical part was carried out by the Atelier de la Belle Epoque (Patrice Coutant).

Talbot T23 Cabriolet Chapron: the prototype ordered by A. Lago to H.Chapron.

Delahaye 235 Cabriolet Chapron: almost in its original condition and soon to be sold at “Soft Auction”.

Delage D8-120 Chapron: Best of Show at the concours d’Elegance in La Baule in 2012.

We prepared some documentation about each car, if you are interested in seeing it, please take contact with us (contact@jwaclassic.com).