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Price update – Soft Auction Delahaye 135M

Soft Auction

Proposed opening price

There are no takers at the moment

Next price update : Jan. 30th

Delahaye 135M Cabriolet Grand Luxe Chapron : the final starting price of the online private auction will be set by participants.

The proposed starting price, set by the seller, will decrease regularly until one of the registered participants makes an offer. From then on, the online private auction will start.

IMPORTANT: for practical reasons, the auctions may be held on a third party website (we’ll confirm that soon). In that case, the buyers’ fees will be fully refunded by JWA Classic for participants who have previously registered here:

Reminder : (this is also important) the bidder who is the first to declare himself a “buyer” receives a 5% discount if he wins the auction.

Check following pages for more details on Soft Auctions or on the Delahaye 135M Cabriolet Grand Luxe Chapron.


→ 1st offerer advantage

If the highest bidder at the end of the Soft Auction is also the person who made the first offer, he will get 5% discount on hammer price.

→ No fees

There are no fees for Soft Auctions for registered participants. We simply ask the buyer to contribute 1% of the final price to support medical research. The same amount will be donated by JWA Classic.