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1935 – MARCHALL car horns

A few weeks ago, we started to publish technical and historical documentation of the vehicles that are at the heart of our activity, i.e. pre-war French cars.
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Marchal is an emblematic brand of the French market of electrical accessories for cars. At the beginning, in the 1920s, Pierre Marchal limited his production to lighting. His slogan was: “I only lend my eyes to Marchal” and its emblem was and still is a cat’s eye that shines in the night.

In 1935, just over 10 years after its creation, the brand opened up to electric warning devices. The presentation will be made on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show and will quickly find its clientele with the vehicles of intervention and even of the navy.

The advertisement is from the “Special Salon” issue of La Vie de l’Automobile of September 1935.