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Delahaye 135M 1948: new price published!

New price!

Delahaye 135M Cabriolet Grand Luxe Chapron 1948: the new starting price has been published!

1948 - Delahaye 135M Cabriolet Grand luxe Chapron

The car is sold at Soft Auctions.

 – No reserve price
The proposed opening price for the auction will go down until one participant initiates the auction process by making an offer matching the proposed price.

– No buyer’s fees
We only request the buyer to make a donation of 1% of the final price to support medical research and we will donate the same.

– How to participate?
In order to participate, registration is required and it’s free. Registered participants will receive updates on price evolution and have the ability to start the auction process at any time. Note that registration must be completed prior to the start of the auction process.