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The Rochet-Schneider 26-Six is back on the road!

Background: the engine was rebuilt between last summer and fall. We spent the month of December reassembling the engine on the chassis. We still had to finalize the last adjustments. We called upon the Atelier de la Belle Époque.

This Wednesday, February 22nd, our Maestro, Patrice Coutant, joined us to finalize the engine tuning.

It was still necessary to disassemble the carburetor again. But everything is fine now.

Adjusting the double-body carburetor.

Setting the magneto

After many months of waiting (since last June) the Rochet-Schneider is about to hit the road again.

Let’s go!

And it’s back!
The Rochet-Schneider has completed half a dozen trips.

The next few weeks will be devoted to the running-in period.

And the Soft Auctions will finally be able to resume right after.

Bravo Patrice