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Rochet-Schneider 26-Six New engine

Cast Connecting Rod: A Journey to Engine Refurbishment

Last June, a disturbing noise began to be heard in the engine or the Rochet-Schneider 26-Six (1930)Not very distinct at first, it became more and more present as the kilometres went by.

 We decided to find out for sure and after several road tests, the verdict was in: cast connecting rod.

An immediate phone call to Patrice Coutant and the engine was on its way to the Atelier de la Belle Epoque, near Angoulême, to be refurbished.

We remind you that the engine is a beautiful baby of 450 kg...

Summary of the work

In this post, we come back on the whole of the operations which were carried out. We have tried to be as exhaustive as possible and to illustrate the work as well as possible, but do not hesitate to ask us questions if we have missed some details.The operations on the engine were the following:
– Complete dismantling of all parts (see pictures below)
– Expertise of worn parts and restoration if necessary
– Supply of 6 pistons, cylinder head gasket
– Boring of the cylinders and preparation
– Repair of the regulus rod line
– Rectification of the crankshaft
– Rectification of the cylinder head gasket
– Replacement of the valve guides
– Grinding of the valves
– Repair of the water pump
– Tests etc.

You will find below a small photographic report on the dismantling. We will continue in a next post on the other works.

Disassembly ...

After this dismantling we noticed that the connecting rod had to be redone and that the engine was worn but that this wear was very regular. This was rather good news.

The rest will be done soon.