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Rochet-Schneider: the sale resumes

Soft Auctions are Back!

As previously announced, the auction of the Rochet-Schneider 26-Six resumes from May 2nd after the engine refurbishment and break-in period.

We remind you of the principle:
JWA Classic offers a starting price, and if a registered participant declares themselves a “taker” at that amount, the auction is launched on the internet for a few days.

The current starting price is €125,000.

We also remind you of the rule: “The person who allowed the sale to take place will benefit from a discount of 5% if they win the auction in the end.”
But exceptionally, and to thank you for your patience, the discount has been increased to 7.5%.
This means a minimum savings of €9,375.
It’s time to make a decision! And to request your registration if you haven’t done so already.